General Steps for all Applicants

1. Choose a programme from our various Academic Units after making sure you meet the admission requirements
2. Download, print out and fill in the application forms
3. All applicants must submit the application for admission with a nonrefundable application fee of US$25 and US$30.00 for undergraduate and graduate applicants respectively.
Please be advised that if you downloaded the application form from our website, the application fee should be paid by bank draft or bank cheque which should be attached to the completed application
4. Applicants must submit the following documents along with the application form:

  • Official transcript(s) from High School or each college
  • Personal Essay (one page autobiography, to include a statement of why you chose Africa University
  • Two (2) letters of recommendation
  • Counselor's Statement Form
  • Medical Exam form completed by Medical Doctor or Medical Examiner

Special Requirements for International Students

1. International applicants must submit the following additional documents:
2. TOEFL or SAT scores
3. Statement of Financial Readiness

Non English Speaking Applicants

1. Undergraduate Applicants from non-English speaking backgrounds who do not have proficiency in English will be required to attend two full semesters of Intensive English to acquire and improve their proficiency.
2. Post Graduate programmes applicants without solid working knowledge of English should remedy this lack before applying to Africa University. Intensive English is not offered to graduate students.

Special Entry

Candidates who do not satisfy some of our entry requirements but would normally be admissible to universities in their own countries are encouraged to apply and their cases will be considered on their own merit.

Candidates who have already applied need not reapply. For more Information on the Programmes and Requirements Click here.

Return all documents to be sent to the address below and to reach us not later than 30 May, which is the closing date of application forms:

Office of the Assistant Registrar-Academic Affairs
P O Box 1320

For more information contact [email protected]