Registration Notice JANJUN22 Semester

Compliments of the new season to you all. Here is wishing you a prosperous and successful
Second Semester of 2021/22 Academic Year.

This notice serves to inform the Student Body that the University is continuing with the Blended Teaching and Learning mode due to the public health issues arising from the COVID 19. In addition, the preventative measures that were pronounced by the government makes it impossible for students to travel to the campus for instruction. The decision to continue with the Blended Teaching and Learning mode was made out of the abundance of caution for both staff, students, family members and other important stakeholders of the University. We also strongly believe that continuing teaching and learning through the Blended Teaching and Learning approach, the university is promoting and supporting uninterrupted academic progression of its students. It is against this background that I write to inform you of the online registration arrangements for the second semester of academic year 2021/2022 as follows:

1. Online registration will open on the 12th of January 2022 and will close on the 20th of January 2022. By this date students should have paid 60% of their tuition and fees. An interest rate, at the prevailing market rate will be applied on the outstanding amounts.

Students who would like special payment plans should first seek approval from the Business Office at [email protected] or [email protected];

2. Late registration will open on the 21st of January and close on the 18th of February 2022. This is the last registration window for students who fail to meet the requirement in 1 above or those who pay tuition fees only and fail to complete the registration process.
After making tuition fees payment, students are advised to proceed to complete the online registration process from their portals. NB: Paying tuition and fees only is not synonymous with registration. One has to complete the online registration process to be considered duly registered for the semester. No retrospective registration will be granted for those who fail to complete registration during the period stated above;
3. Students to pay 80% of their tuition and fees by the 30th of March, 2022. Failure of which affected students will not be cleared to write examinations;
4. The remaining 20% balance to be paid before the examinations publication date. Failure of which affected students will not access their examination results;
5. Students on Industrial Attachment who may find challenges with online registration are required to submit, through emails, their completed soft copy registration forms to Academic Affairs Office by the 30th of January, 2022. Unregistered students on
Industrial Attachment will not be supervised;
6. Graduate students working on Dissertations/Thesis are expected to complete the registration process as indicated in number 1 above before their work is supervised. Unregistered students’ dissertations or thesis will not be supervised;
7. All Students are expected to pay Health Fees/Medical Aid Fees. Those on private Medical Aid should complete and submit a Medical Aid exemption form and submit it to [email protected]
8. All students are further advised that the University will not grant retrospective registration to students who fail to register within the specified registration period.

Students who fail to register by the late registration deadline of the 18th of February 2022 should consider themselves unregistered for the Second Semester of 2020/2022 Academic Year. Such students should consider registration in the next semester when the
courses they should have registered for are offered (for students taking courses).
Looking forward to your usual cooperation.