The MBA programme is designed to provide a basic understanding of the field of management as well as deepen the knowledge in a selected area with a view to preparing its graduates for general management functions. The programme is designed to integrate theory and practice related to the African environment within the context of  globalisation

Executive MBA

The Executive MBA is designed to enhance the managerial and analytical skills of African Managers in both the public and private sectors. It incorporates both a thorough grounding in the basics of current business practice and theory in each of the functional areas of business (accounting, finance, management, and marketing), as well as leading edge knowledge in more specialised topics such as entrepreneurial skills, small business management, global business, and public policy analysis.
The programme prepares students to take a leading role in creating, managing and directing private businesses, and leading governmental and nongovernmental organizations in the public sector

The Master of Public Sector Management (MPSM)

The Public Sector Management Training Programme provides both graduate and short-term professional training in Public Sector Management. The graduate programme consists of the Master of Public Sector Management which is offered at Africa University and the short-term professional training component which takes place at four Institutes of Public Administration/ Management Development Institutes in Lesotho, Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia. The short-term training is aimed at capacity building in the four institutes as well as promoting networking relationships in management development in the region. The Master of Public Sector Management is an intensive, full-time, 12-month long training programme consisting of four modules and a research project. The four modules include: