Volume 2 Issue 1 January – March 2016

Congratulations! You made it to 2016!

Welcome to the Volume 2 issue 1 of your quarterly e-newsletter (the Dream catcher), the quarterly newsletter specifically meant for you our alumni, our sponsors and our friends.

We are delighted this quarter to uplift some of the issues that have direct impact on you and your alma mater. Of particular significance, we chronicle the Directorate of Continuing Education centers which are an initiative of your university to bring the campus closer to you, we also profile an outstanding 2012 alumna who visited the campus and is using her education and faith to change lives. We conclude this issue with the story of our colleagues who are entrusted with leadership positions as Board members of this great institution.

We thank you for your patronage and dedication to your alma mater. We want to hear from you and don’t hesitate to contact us.

We wish you divine blessings in 2016.

Wehnam Dabale '07

Director, Alumni Affairs

Africa University comes closer to you

The Africa University brand is increasing its sphere of influence and catering to the needs of African professionals and prospective students by establishing the Directorate of Continuing Education (DCE) which many of you had long awaited. The mandate of the DCE is to provide enabling systems for the University to offer credit and non-credit programmes within the frameworks of continuing education and lifelong learning. The DCE will achieve this through parallel, block release, online and distance  education programmes and professional development programmes within the existing mandate of the University’s’ Investing in Africa’s Future.

Harare Centre

In Zimbabwe, the University has already opened centres in Harare and Mutare. These centres allow more flexibility for those students that have to juggle multiple commitments as is so often the order of the day in the fast-paced world.  The Harare Centre(HC) offers a wide range of Master’s and Bachelor’s degree programmes that include new and exciting research and topic areas such as the B.A Honours in English and Communication Studies, Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA), Masters in Child and Family Studies, as well as Disaster Management for Natural Resources, among many others. The address for AU HC is 60 Finance House, Corner Second Street and Speke Avenue, Harare while that of Mutare is Women Centre, 7 Hosgood Avenue, Mutare.


In Mozambique, the University, through the Faculty of Management and Administration, the United Methodist and the General Board of Higher Education and Ministries (GBHEM), is offering the Executive Master of Business (EMBA) in Maputo and now we also have another Centre in Chimoio. The DCE plans to revamp the Maputo and Chimoio centres to include other faculties and the IPLG.

The address for AU in Chimoio is Associacao de Pais, Escola Primaria & Secundaria Deral, Chimoio, Mozambique.

Bishop D. K. Yemba

A planning meeting was held in Kinshasa, DR Congo recently with the Chancellor, Bishop D. K. Yemba, on the possibility of having a centre in Kinshasa and Lubumbashi. The University is also working with the Namibian Embassy and South Sudanese Embassy to have AU centres in both countries. The Continuing Education Directorate, in conjunction with the various faculties of the University, are in the process of developing additional short courses in entrepreneurship, project management and public, government and private sector management and best practices. The University is dedicated, willing and always available to answer any further questions you may have regarding furthering your studies.

For more information on our programmes on offer kindly visit the university website: http://www.africau.edu/acUnits.html

I put God first, pray for guidance –Dziva

Chiedza Pelesa Dziva

Chiedza Pelesa Dziva always knew she was destined for something greater. It was her mother’s dream for her to enroll at Africa University as its reputation for excellence, diversity and opportunity was well-known. In the words of Lao Tzu, “Watch your thought for they become words, Watch your words, for they become actions. Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny”. The destiny of Chiedza was shaped at AU. She graduated in 2012 and is now an innovator, entrepreneur, leader and an accountant for ECONET Wireless, in addition to being a fully qualified Chartered Accountant.

Despite her busy schedule, created time and visited her alma mater on March 17, 2016 to address an honours seminar of students in the Faculty of Management and Administration (FMA) with the  theme ,“The New Age Team Player: Preparing a new breed of game changers for the global market place”. Chiedza shared a wealth of knowledge with the FMA students with regards to current employment trends and what recruiters worldwide look for in the ideal candidate for their businesses.

The students were left feeling motivated, inspired and ready to take the corporate world head-on seeing first-hand the caliber and quality of professionals that AU grooms.

Mr. Thomas Masese

While welcoming Chiedza back to the  AU campus, the Assistant Dean FMA Mr. Thomas Masese, who is also an AU 2008 alumnus, said, “We are always proud of Chiedza and her accomplishment. She is an inspiration to our current students and a good ambassador of the faculty and the university.”

“The Chairperson of the Accounting Department, Ms. Ngonidashe Chirima, who is also an AU 2001 alumna, commended Chiedza’s leadership, “Chiedza showed leadership qualities from first year by being a confident student and presenter who represented the university well and was the best graduating accounting student in 2012, scooping the most prizes to date. She is a source of inspiration, motivation and a role model for the AU family.”

Ms. Ngonidashe Chirima

Chiedza is a Zimbabwean who also shares Sotho heritage on her mother’s side. On her first time at AU, she recalled hearing all the myths that surrounded the institution. She felt intimidated before arriving, wondering whether she would fit in and if the campus life and culture, so different from any other in Zimbabwe, would be ideal for her.

“I always put God first and I pray for guidance,” she said.

Chiedza was an active member and eventually President of ENACTUS (then known as SIFE), in addition to being a sub-warden, student ambassador and constant participant in University activities. To her credit, she learnt invaluable skills at AU which she uses in her work to this day.

Her work is not only as a game changer in the corporate world, but also in philanthropy. She is the founder and president of the Destiny Scholarship trust that aims to educate young people from rural backgrounds, an initiative that she spearheaded through networking and finding partners. One of them, a fellow alumnus (Mr. Darlington Sabasi) based in the United States of America.

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AU Board of Directors admits three Alumni

It is in the words of William Shakespeare, “Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them”. Three AU alumni have been honored with the thrust of running the affairs of Africa University as board members. They are Mr. Richard Fotsin (FMA, 1998), Reverend Anastacio Diogo Lopes Chembeze (FOT, 2002), and Rev. Dr. Guy Mande Muyombo (FOT, 2005). With their passion for education and the advancement of their alma mater, they will be expected to help to chart the academic, spiritual and infrastructural development of this great University.

Mr. Richard Fotsin

Richard Fotsin, a Cameroonian, is one of the earliest groups of graduates of Africa University. He attained a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in 1998 and while having the option to establish himself anywhere in the world, with invaluable experience and knowledge of the burgeoning tech industry, a professional on high demand, Fotsin returned to Africa University in 2010 to become the Director of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), the very backbone of the institution’s technological advancements and branding as a world-class University with world class facilities.

The members of Senate in January 2016 unanimously elected Fotsin as one Senate Representative in the Board of Directors.

“I am privileged to be chosen by my colleagues. I am going to use this privilege to lobby for ICTs infrastructure upgrades such as internet connectivity within institutions of higher learning in Zimbabwe and indeed many parts of the Africa,” the elated Fotsin said.

Rev. Chembeze

Rev. Chembeze is a Mozambican national and two-time graduate of AU. He is currently the Director General of the National Institute for Employment and Vocational Training (INEFP) in Mozambique, and a Board member of several organisations in and out of Mozambique, including AU. Rev. Chembeze earned both Bachelor and Master’s degrees from Africa University while also learning to speak English. He has used the education he acquired at AU to bring peace to his native Mozambique where he serves as one of the five mediators and head of national election observers that negotiated and participated in the peace process and election that ushered in the new government in Mozambique.

The Board of Directors of the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM) elected Rev. Chembeze in August 2015 as a Board member of AU.

“I am going to use my expertise to advance the cause of AU because this ministry must not fail,” Chambeze said.

Rev. Dr. Muyombo

Rev. Dr. Muyombo is a Congolese and two-time graduate of AU. He is currently the Executive Secretary for Africa with the General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church. The self-described boy from the “hood in the Congo” now works for peace in his home country and Africa.

Dr. Muyombo admitted that he could have been a child soldier, but he felt a call to ministry and Africa University made him a preacher. He earned both Bachelor and Master’s degrees from Africa University while also learning to speak English. He received his Master’s Degree in Theology and Doctor of Ministry from Saint Paul School of Theology, Kansas City, USA.
Dr. Muyombo represents the General Board of Global Ministries (GBGM) on the Board of Directors at AU.

“AU is part of me and I am using my experience to bring tangible development to AU and Africa at large. I thank God for this privilege,” he also said.
Africa University is proud to have such strong and determined individuals selected from our ranks as alumni to represent not only us but the future of Africa. We wish them the very best as they continue to invest in Africa’s future.

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