Intellectual Property Management

About Intellectual Property Management

Operating under the Institute of Peace Leadership & Governance, Africa University has set up a unit for Intellectual Property Management (IPM). The unit is building on existing collaborations between AU, the World Intellectual Property Organisation and African Regional Intellectual Property Organisation (ARIPO) as well as industry collaborators such as Pfizer and IBM to be a regional hub for IP issues, and a convergence for innovation in science, agriculture, technology, health and related sectors.

It is devoted to the attainment of excellence through  the following objectives which are to:

  1. develop a critical mass of IP experts with quality postgraduate masters and PhD training;

  2. enhance capacity and skills to undertake highly innovative, transformational and development-oriented scientific research;

  3. nurture relationships and develop new networks with national, regional and international IP and scientific institutions;

  4. promote research into commercially viable scientific innovations which are competitive on a global scale;

  5. serve as a point of interaction for multidisciplinary IP staff, scientific communities, technology transfer offices, industry and scientists;

  6. establish a training centre with international standards to enhance local capabilities and knowledge in technology transfer, value addition to existing businesses, creation of start-up companies and industry collaborations with capacity to meet societal needs in practical ways.