AU Jokomo / Yamada Library capacitates librarians in effective, efficient and contemporary library management systems

21 May 2019
Story by
Jeanette Dadzie
Methodological, systematic, attention to detail- librarians are the heartbeat of libraries where they serve as the gatekeepers of information and knowledge. In an effort to capacitate heads of libraries in secondary schools in Manicaland, Africa University’s Jokomo/Yamada Library hosted a three-day workshop where best practises in the field as well as the critical role librarians have to play in the support and development of researchers and educators was shared.

The university librarian Dr. Rosemary Maturure opened the workshop, alluding to the biblical scripture Matthew chapter 6 verse 33, “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” She said,

“When Christ becomes a part of us, I believe and know that all else falls into place. We are able to find peace, love and unity among ourselves. This can only happen when we allow to Him to become a part of our daily activities. Quality, ethics and character are the foundation of our work which is yoked to Christ as those who share knowledge.”

She went on to stress the necessity for a strong sense of ethics to dominate the professional conduct of those who were present at the training further encouraging camaraderie, hard work and the inherent value that lies in building consistent and unified teams.

Professor Sungano Mhararkurwa, the Dean of the College of Health, Agriculture and Natural Sciences was one of the presenters at the workshop who shed light on how library sciences can be improved in schools with the challenge being set forth to develop better systems that will enhance learner experiences. He said,

“Spaces between students and staff can become gorges. The bridges that we build between the two lead to dialogue and engagement. As librarians you also serve the purpose of being motivators of the writers, readers and knowledge generators of the future.” Expanding on the need for the embrace of technology, he said, “We need to move towards using technology to propagate access to information and learning. The advantages are numerous, chief among these being our learners being exposed to relevant and up-to – date information. The digital learning space is vast and creates a place for creativity, social and cultural growth.”

Speaking on the side-lines of the workshop, Dr. Maturure said,

“I was excited to see the participants form the different school coming to join us at the university to learn more about library systems management. Their coming here means they are ready to learn and improve their services to their users. Their zeal and interest is inspiring. I wish them well as they are going to implement what they have learnt for the 3 days. I am thankful for the support that the management of the university in making this event such a resounding success.”

John Shayamunde, one of the participants from Muzuti Secondary School said,

“The workshop has been such an awesome eye opener to me as a teacher librarian. I am going to implement all that I learnt.”

The Jokomo/Yamada Library reflects the rapid academic growth rate of Africa University both in the physical provision of texts and in the range and of digital library materials acquired in the support of enhancing academic success and research.