Bachelor of Business Studies – Management (4 Years)

Mode of Study : Full-time (Mutare Campus) | Parallel (Mutare and Harare)
Intakes : March and August

About the Programme

This is a 4 year program on full time as well as parallel. The curriculum of this program emphasizes on an integrated approach whereby the student will acquire a basic education to develop his intellectual and analytical ability while at the same time acquiring the body of knowledge and skills in professional management. As such, the first two years will be spent mainly in basic education in the older disciplines of Mathematics, Communication, Economics, and Humanities while the remaining two years will be devoted mainly to specialized subjects in accounting, economics, marketing, finance, human resources management, risk management, quantitative analysis, and public sector management.


Entry Requirements

5 'O' level passes or equivalent including English language and Mathematics. At least two GCE Advanced level passes in any of the following subjects: Accounts, Management of Business, Economics, Commerce and Mathematics.

Special entries

Applicants with approved diplomas in Management related subjects e.g Zimbabwe Association of Accounting Technicians (ZAAT), Association of Certified Charted Accounts (ACCA), Higher National Diploma (HND), Charted Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), Charted Institute of Secretaries (CIS), and Diploma in Business Administration and Commerce (IAC) and Institute of Marketing Management (IMM) may be considered for admission

Year One Semester One

  1. HCS101 Communication Skills (3 credits)
  2. MAC101 Foundations of Accounting (3credits)
  3. HFR111 French for Beginners I, or HPO111 Portuguese for Beginners I, or HESL111 English as a Second Language I (3 credits)
  4. MMS101 Mathematics for Business I (3 credits)
  5. MEC101 Economic Principles I (3 credits)
  6. HIT100 Introduction to Information Technology (2 credits)
  7. MMS103 Introduction to Management (3 credits)
Total Credits hours: 20

Year One Semester Two

  1. MMS102 Business Communication Skills (3 credits)
  2. HFR112 French for Beginners II; or HPO112 Portuguese for Beginners II; or HESL112 English as a Second Language II (3 credits)
  3. MMS105 Mathematics for Business II (3 credits)
  4. MEC 102 Economic Principles II (3 credits)
  5. CIS102 Microcomputer Applications (3 credits)
  6. MKT102 Principles of Marketing (3 credits)
  7. MAC102 Foundations of Accounting (3 credits)
Total Credit hours: 21

Year Two Semester One

  1. MMS201 Organizational Behaviour (3 credits
  2. MMS202 Quantitative Analysis I (3 credits)
  3. MMS203 Business Law (3 credits))
  4. TEV200 Ethics & Christian Values (3 credits)
  5. MAC207 Money & Capital Markets (3 credits))
Electives (6 credits)

Year Two Semester Two

  1. MAC204 Business Finance (3 credits)
  2. MEC206 Public Sector Management (3 credits)
  3. MMS206 Management Theory & Practice I (3 credits))
  4. HAS100 Introduction to African Studies (3 credits)
  5. MMS204 Quantitative Analysis II (3 credits)
Total credit hours: 18

Year Three Semester One

  1. MMS301 Report Writing (1 credit)
  2. MMS302 Human Resources Management (3 credits)
  3. MMS306 Management Theory & Practice II (3 credits)
  4. MMS307 Industrial Relations (3 credits)
  5. MKT302 Purchasing & Materials Management (3 credits)
  6. MMS303 Productions and Operations Management (3 credits)
  7. MKT304 Marketing Management (3 credits)
  8. FMA302 Honors Seminars (3 credits)
Total credit hours: 22

Year Three Semester Two

FMA301 Industrial Attachment

Year Four Semester One

  1. FMA301 Industrial Attachment (15 credits)
  2. FMA413 Industrial Attachment Report (1 credit)
Total credit hours: 16

Year Four Semester Two

  1. MMS408 International Business (3 credits)
  2. MMS409 Operations Research (3 credits))
  3. MM401 Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management (3 credits)
  4. FMA403 Honours Seminars (3 credits)
  5. FMA412 Project Report(3 credits)
  6. MMS411 Strategic Management (3 credits)
Total credit hours: 21

  1. MAC201 Cost Accounting (3 credits)
  2. MAC202 Intermediate Accounting I (3 credits)
  3. MEC201 Intermediate Microeconomics (3 credits)
  4. MAC205 Company Law (3 credits)
  5. MAC207 Money & Capital Markets (3 credits)
  6. MAC206 Principles of Public Finance (3 credits)
  7. MEC205 Money & Banking (3 credits))
  8. MEC206 Public Sector Economics (3 credits)
  9. MKT202 Marketing Res. & Sales Forecasting (3 credits)
  10. MAC301 Management Accounting (3 credits)
  11. MAC303 Introduction to Business Taxation (3 credits)
  12. MAC304 Investment Analysis (3 credits))
  13. MEC305 Industrial Economics & Public Policy (3 credits)
  14. MKT301 Distribution & Logistics (3 credits)
  15. MEC401 Managerial Economics (3 credits)
  16. MMS403 Risk Management (3 credits)
  17. MKT 402 Retail & Sales Management (3 credits)
  18. MKT405 Consumer Behaviour (3 credits)
  19. MKT406 International Marketing (3 credits)
  20. MMS410 Public Policy Analysis (3 credits)
  21. MKT407 Direct Marketing (3 credits)
  22. MKT408 Services Marketing (3 credits)
  23. MKT303 Promotions & Advertising (3 credits)

Any other courses approved by the Dean

  1. Starting own business.
  2. Business managers
  3. Consultants
  4. Human resources managers
  5. Middle or senior managers in retail, manufacturing, tourism and hospitality as well as related jobs in commerce and industry and the public sector.
  6. Pursue higher degrees and become academics/lecturers and researchers.