Bachelors of Divinity

About the Programme

The Faculty of Theology offers a four-year, full-time Bachelor of Divinity (B.D.) degree programme designed to prepare University level candidates for lay and ordained Christian ministry and to advance religious studies in the context of modern Africa.
The Bachelor of Divinity degree is intended for qualified applicants who seek to fulfil a dream of getting a degree in the field of theology and who desire to prepare for ordained ministry or another form of church leadership.
For those in the Honours Programme it is possible to concentrate on one of the following areas:

Area 1 Biblical Studies

  1. Old Testament,
  2. New Testament

Area 2 Historical Studies

  1. Church History,
  2. Ecumenism,
  3. Missiology,
  4. Wesleyan Studies

Area 3 Practical Theology

  1. Christian Education,
  2. Church Administration,
  3. Evangelism,
  4. Liturgical Studies,
  5. Pastoral Care and Counseling

Area 4 Religion and Society

  1. Ethics,
  2. Church and Society
  3. World Religions

Area 5 Theology

  1. Philosophy,
  2. Theology

Admission requirements:

Any candidate who is academically qualified in Arts or Sciences, or a combination of the options, according to the University General Entry Regulations, is academically admissible to the B.D. degree programme;
A candidate who holds a diploma in Theology from a recognized theological institution acquired normally in not less than three years of study, plus not less than five subjects at Ordinary Level or equivalent prior to diploma may be admitted, subject to the approval of Senate Admissions Committee;
For those who are ordained or are preparing for ordination, it is essential that they secure recommendation of their Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, or of the equivalent ecclesiastical body of the candidate`s church.

Year 1 Semester 1

  1. TRP100 Introduction to the Study of Religion (3),
  2. TBS 103 Introduction to Old Testament (3),
  3. TBS104 Introduction to New Testament (3),
  4. HCS101 Communication Skills I (3),
  5. HFR111 French for Beginners I/HPO111 Portuguese for Beginners I/HESL111 English as a Second Language I (3),
  6. HIT100 Introduction to Information Technology (2)

Year 1 Semester 2

  1. TBS102 Jesus and the Gospels (3),
  2. TBS203 Biblical Hebrew 1 (3),
  3. TRP210 Philosophy I (3),
  4. HAS100 African Studies (3),
  5. TCH211 Early Church History (3),
  6. TPT102 Field Education I (1),
  7. HFR112 French for Beginners II/HPO112 Portuguese for Beginners II/HESL112 English as a Second Language II (3)
Year One (36 credit hours)

Year 2 Semester 1

  1. TPT201 Homiletics (3),
  2. TST102 Theology I (3),
  3. TBS205 Biblical Greek I (3),
  4. TPT202 Ministry of Evangelism (3),
  5. TPT209 Field Education II (2),
  6. TPT198 Christian Worship I (3),
  7. TRP201 African Religion (3)

Year 2 Semester 2

  1. TPT206 Preaching Practicum (3),
  2. TPT207 Introduction to Pastoral Care and Counselling (3),
  3. TPT205 Christian Education (3),
  4. TCH212 Medieval Church History (3),
  5. TEV200 Ethics and Christian Values (2),
  6. TST208 Theology II (3),
  7. THC400 Missiology (3)
Year Two (40 Credit Hours)

Year 3 Semester 1

  1. TBS308 Prophets I (3),
  2. TCS301 Church and Social Transformation (3),
  3. TBS306 Pauline Literature (3),
  4. TCH210 Introduction to Methodism/Wesleyan Studies (3),
  5. TPT305 Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) (3),
  6. TBS311 Biblical Greek II/TBS211 Biblical Hebrew II (3),
  7. TCH213 Reformation Church History (3)

Year 3 Semester 2

  1. TPT214 Christian Worship II (3),
  2. TPT201 Denominational Studies/TPT309. United Methodist Polity and Doctrine (3),
  3. THC302 African Church History (3),
  4. TBS310 Introduction to Wisdom Literature (3),
  5. TST205 Theology and Land Praxis I (3),
Elective (3)
Year Three (39 Credit Hours)

Year 4 Semester 1

  1. TBS309 Prophets II (3),
  2. THC310 Wesleyan Theology (3),
  3. PT306 Church Administration (3),
  4. TCS303 Introduction to Ministry in the HIV and AIDS Context (3),
  5. TST305 African Christian Theology (3),
  6. TBS319 Biblical Foundations for Leadership, Conflict Transformation and Peace Building (3),

Year 4 Semester 2

  1. TPT321 Evangelism through the Local Church (3),
  2. THC304 Introduction to the Ecumenical Movement (3),
  3. TCS321 Church and Political Ethics (3),
Elective (6)
Year Four (33 Credit Hours)

Career and Job Opportunities

The degree is designed to prepare university level candidates for Christian leadership (ordained and lay) and it is also designed for those who want to learn about theology and religious studies on the continent.
Previous graduates have served in Christian ministry as pastors and leaders of church agencies, ecumenical organizations and other faith based organizations