Bachelor Of Science In Agribusiness Management

About the Programme

This degree program is intended to provide students with the necessary background in basic agricultural production, economics, production economics, principles of management of an agribusiness, finance, money markets, marketing issues for agricultural products and sets these in a policy framework, labour and labour markets in agriculture and investment issues surrounding agriculture. The course is geared to enable students to manage an agribusiness enterprise or to start their own business.

Year One Semester One

  1. HSL111 English as a Second Language or HFR111 French for Beginners or HPO Portuguese for Beginners;
  2. HCS101 Communication Skills I;
  3. HAS 100 Introduction to African Studies;
  4. ACP101 Introduction to Soil Science;
  5. AAE 101Introduction to Agricultural Engineering;
  6. ACP103 Introduction to Practical Agriculture I

Year One Semester Two

  1. HSL112 English as a Second Language or HFR 112 French for Beginners or HPO 112 Portuguese for Beginners,
  2. AEC 102 Communication Skills in Agriculture and Natural Resources;
  3. HIT100 Introduction to Information Technology;
  4. ACP102 Agricultural Botany and Plant Physiology;
  5. AAS 101 Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animals;
  6. MAC101 Foundations of Accounting
  7. AEC101 Introduction to Agricultural Economics;
  8. ACP103 Practical Agriculture I.

Year Two Semester One

  1. TEV200 Ethics and Christian Values;
  2. AAS202 Animal Production;
  3. ACP201 Crop Physiology;
  4. AEC202 Agricultural Education and Extension;
  5. ACP205 Practical Agriculture II;
  6. ANR202 Introduction to Natural Resource Management;
  7. ACP209 Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition

Year Two Semester Two

  1. AEC201 Agribusiness Management;
  2. ACP204 Research Methods;
  3. AEC Managerial Accounting;
  4. ANE208 Rural Development;
  5. AEC201 Business Finance;
  6. AEC205 Agricultural Development;
  7. ACP203 Principles of Crop Production

Year Three: Attachment

  1. ACP 300 Attachment

Year Four Semester One

  1. AEC401 Farm Management;
  2. ACE402 Agricultural Marketing;
  3. AEC408 Project Appraisal and Evaluation;
  4. AEC 304 Econometrics;
  5. AEC410 Money and Banking;
  6. ACP209 Soil Fertility and Management

Year Four Semester Two

  1. AEC Production Economics;
  2. AAE Agricultural Processing and Technology;
  3. AEC407 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development in Agriculture;
  4. AEC409 Agricultural Policy;
  5. AEC405 Agribusiness Strategy;
  6. AEC 406 Agribusiness Management;
  7. AEC 400 Research Project

Career and Job Opportunities

Diverse opportunities exists for graduates to work locally, nationally or internationally. Past graduates now work in areas like:

Management Positions In Agribusiness Enterprises

Agricultural Product Sales Representatives

Agribusiness Researcher

Agriculture Sales And Marketing

Agribusiness Finance Positions In Banks

Agricultural Extension And Advisory

Agribusiness Expert In Ngos, Private And Public Sector

Agribusiness Consultant