Bachelor Of Science Degree In Computer Studies With Education

About the Programme

The four-year Bachelor of Science in Computer Studies with Education Programme, offered in conjunction with the Faculty of Management and Administration, is intended to prepare teachers to teach computer studies in schools.
To ensure that prospective computer studies teachers have a very good grounding on the subject, the computing component of the programme will be studied only as a major. Hence the degree to be awarded to students pursuing Computer Education will be Bachelor of Science in Computer Studies with Education (BScComStd.Ed).
The Computer Education programme, at this stage, will incorporate only Accounting in the Business Education area; and only Geography in the Social Science Education area, as the minor subject areas.

General Studies (University-Wide Required Courses)

  1. HCS101 Communication Skills I 3 Credit Hours
  2. HAS100 Introduction to African Studies 3 Credit Hours
  3. TEV200 Ethics and Christian Values 2 Credit Hours
  4. HFR/HPO/HESL French or Portuguese for
  5. Beginners/Eng as a Second Language 6 Credit Hours
  6. HIT100 Intro to Information Technology 2 Credit Hours

Foundations of Education Courses

  1. EFN100 Sociology of Education 3 Credit Hours
  2. EFN101 Educational Psychology 3 Credit Hours
  3. EFN200 History of African Education 2 Credit Hours
  4. EFN201 Guidance and Counseling 2 Credit Hours
  5. EFN300 Philosophy of Education 3 Credit Hours
  6. EFN400 School Organisation 3 Credit Hours

Instructional and other Pedagogical Courses

  1. ECI 200 General Methods of Instruction 3 Credit Hours
  2. ECI 203 Technology Integration in Education 3 Credit Hours
  3. ECI 300 Content Methods I 2 Credit Hours
  4. ECI 301 Content Methods II 2 Credit Hours
  5. ECI 304 Research Methods 3 Credit Hours
  6. ECI 405 Measurement and Evaluation 3 Credit Hours
  7. ECI 412 Project in Education 3 Credit Hours

Elective Course in Education

  1. Teaching Practice 15
  2. Content Courses 73
  3. Major (Computer Studies) 43
  4. Minor (Accounting/Geography) 30
Total Credit Hours 142

Major (Computer Information Systems)

Students who wish to major in computer studies as a teaching subject will be required to take the following 11 courses or 34 credit hours of Computer Information Systems (CIS) courses:

  1. CIS201 Computers and Society 3 Credit Hours
  2. CIS202 Programming I 3 Credit Hours
  3. CIS203 Programming II 3 Credit Hours
  4. CIS204 Electronic Business Concepts 3 Credit Hours
  5. CIS301 Database Systems 3 Credit Hours
  6. CIS302 Computer Hardware and Software Systems 3 Credit Hours
  7. CIS303 Networks and Communications 3 Credit Hours
  8. CIS401 Systems Analysis, Design & Implementation Methods3 Credit Hours
  9. CIS402 Project Management and Practice 3 Credit Hours
  10. CIS403 Web Application Development 3 Credit Hours
  11. CIS404 Capstone Project 4 Credit Hours
Subtotal Credit Hours 34