Bachelor Of Science Degree In Public Administration (3years)

Mode of Study: Full-time (Mutare campus) | Parallel (Harare and Mutare)
Intakes : March and August

About the Programme

This is a 3 year program on full time as well as parallel. The curriculum of this program emphasizes on an integrated approach whereby the student will acquire a basic education to develop his intellectual and analytical ability while at the same time acquiring the body of knowledge and skills in professional management. As such, the first two years will be spent mainly in basic education in the older disciplines of Mathematics, Communication, Economics, and Humanities while the remaining two years will be devoted mainly to specialized subjects in accounting, economics, marketing, finance, human resources management, risk management, quantitative analysis, and public sector management.


Entry Requirements

  1. Five credit passes in the GCE ordinary level examination
  2. At least two passes at the advanced level or equivalent university admission qualifications in applicant’s country of origin
  3. Subjects passes must include Mathematics and English Language at the ‘O’ level (or French or Portuguese for non-English speakers)
  4. Preference will be given to students with A level passes in numerate/analytical subjects such as Accounting, Economics, Management of Business, Mathematics, Sciences, and Geography

Year One Semester One

  1. MPM101 Introduction to Public Administration and Management(3 credits)
  2. MPM102 Politics and Public Sector Management(3 credits)
  3. MPM104 Organizational Behaviour(3 credits)
  4. HCS101 Communication Skills(3 credits)
  5. HFR111 French for Beginners I (3 credits)
  6. HIT100 Introduction to Information Technology(2 credits)
Total credit hours: 18

Year One Semester Two

  1. MPM105 International Relations and Diplomacy(3 credits)
  2. MPM106 Statistics in Public Management(3 credits)
  3. MPM108 Human Resource Management in the Public Sector(3 credits)
  4. HCS102 Communication Skills II(3 credits)
  5. CIS102 Micro Computer Applications(3 credits)
  6. HFR112 French for Beginners II(3 credits)
Total credit hours: 18

Year Two Semester One

  1. MPM201 Project Management(3 credits)
  2. MPM202 Introduction to Public Sector Economics(3 credits)
  3. MPM203 Research Methods(3 credits)
  4. MPM204 Introduction to Public Policy(3 credits)
  5. HAS100 Introduction to African Studies(3 credits)
Total credit hours: 18

Year Two Semester Two

  1. MPM205 Strategic Planning and Management in the Public Sector(3 credits)
  2. MPM206 Public Finance(3 credits)
  3. MPM207 Local Government Administration(3 credits)
  4. MPM208 Public Accounting(3 credits)
  5. TEV200 Ethics and Christian Values(2 credits)
Total credit hours: 14

Year Three Semester One

  1. MPM301 Administrative Law, Ethics and Professionalism(4 credits)
  2. MPM302 Public Policy Analysis(4 credits)
  3. MPM303 Development Administration and Results Based Management(4 credits)
  4. MPM304 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management(4 credits)
Total credit hours: 16

Year Four Semester Two

  1. MPM305 Comparative Public Management(4 credits)
  2. MPM306 Governance and Leadership(4 credits)
  3. MPM307 General Paper(5 credits) (3 credits)
  4. MPM308 Research Project(3 credits)
Total credit hours: 16