Bachelor Of Science In Agriculture With Education

About the Programme

The four-year Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with Education is offered in collaboration with “candidates” used before the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources. The programme aims at preparing men and women to be able to teach Agriculture at the secondary school level. There is no option for a major or minor in this programme. Students are required to take all specified courses in Agriculture and Natural Resources in the programme. The programme involves seven semesters of coursework plus an additional semester of teaching practice.

Year One Semester One

  1. EFN100 Sociology of Education;
  2. HCS101 Communication Skills;
  3. HFR111 French for Beginners I or HPO111 Portuguese for Beginners I or HESL111 English as a Second Language I;
  4. AAG201 Introduction to Soil Science; AAG203 Practical Agriculture I;

Year One Semester Two

  1. EFN101 Educational Psychology;
  2. EFN200 History of African Education;
  3. HFR112 French for Beginners II orHPO112 Portuguese for Beginners II or HESL112 English as a Second Language II;
  4. HAS100 African Studies;
  5. AEC210 Introduction to Agricultural Economics;
  6. AAE201 Introduction to Agricultural Engineering;
  7. AAG202 Genetics and Biotechnology

Year Two Semester One

  1. ECI304 Research Methods;
  2. EFN400 School Organisation;
  3. AAG408 Introduction to Horticulture;
  4. AAG409 Agroforestry;
  5. AAS404 Pasture and Range Management;
  6. Approved Agriculture course;
  7. AWL401 Wild Life Management and Population Dynamics; Education.

Year Two Semester Two

  1. ECI200 General Methods of Teaching;
  2. EFN300 Philosophy of Education;
  3. HIT100 Information Technology;
  4. AAS201 Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animals;
  5. AAS301 Agricultural Biochemistry; AAG301 Crop Physiology and Ecology;
  6. AAS302 Animal Production and Nutrition

Year Three Semester One

  1. ECI202 Instructional Technology;
  2. EFN201 Guidance and Counselling;
  3. TEV200 Ethics and Christian Values;
  4. AAG303 Principles of Crop Production;
  5. AAG305 Practical Agriculture II;
  6. AEC301 Introduction to Agribusiness Management;
  7. AWL405 Freshwater Ecology and Fisheries Management;
  8. MAC101 Foundations of Accounting I

Year Three Semester Two

  1. ECI305 Methods of Teaching Agriculture;
  2. ECI306 Curriculum Studies in Agriculture;
  3. ECI405 Measurement and Evaluation;
  4. AAG401 Soil and Fertility Management;
  5. AAE301 Power and Machinery;
  6. AAG403 Plant Protection I;
  7. AEC401 Farm Management and Farm Planning

Year Four Semester One

  1. ECI302 Teaching Practice

Elective course in Agriculture

Year Four Semester Two

  1. ECI412 Project in Education;
  2. Education Elective; AAG407 Field Crop Production;
  3. AAE401 Food Processing and Technology;
  4. AAE402 Irrigation Water Management;
  5. MMS401 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management;
  6. AAS406 Animal Health and Microbiology

Core Agriculture Courses

  1. AAE201 Introduction to Agricultural Engineering 2,5
  2. AAG201 Introduction to Soil Science 3
  3. AAG202 Genetics and Biotechnology 2.5
  4. AAG203 Practical Agriculture I 1
  5. AAG301 Crop Physiology & Ecology 2.5
  6. AAG303 Principles of Crop Production 3
  7. AAG305 Practical Training II 1
  8. AAS201 Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animals 2.5
  9. AAS301 Agricultural Biochemistry 2.5
  10. AAS302 Animal Production and Nutrition 3
  11. AEC210 Introduction to Agricultural Economics 2
  12. AEC301 Introduction to Agribusiness Management 2.5
  13. MAC101 Foundations of Accounting 3

Courses in Horticulture

  1. AAG401 Soil and Fertility Management 2.5
  2. AAG403 Plant Protection I 3
  3. AAG407 Field Crop Production 2.5
  4. AAG408 Introduction to Horticulture 2.5
  5. AAG409 Agroforestry 2.5

Courses in Agricultural Engineering

  1. AAE301 Power and Machinery 2.5
  2. AAE401 Food Processing and Technology 2.5
  3. AAE402 Irrigation Water Management 2.5

Courses in Animal Science

  1. AAS404 Pasture and Range Management 2.5
  2. AAS406 Animal Health and Microbiology 2.5

Courses in Agribusiness

  1. AEC 401 Farm Management and Farm Planning 2.5
  2. MMS 401 Entrepreneurship and Small Bus. Mgt. 3

Courses in Wildlife

  1. AWL401 Wild Life Management & Pop Dynamics 2.5
  2. AWL405 Freshwater Ecology & Fisheries Mgt 2.5

Elective Courses in Agriculture

(One from)

  1. AAS402 Ruminant Animal Production 2.5
  2. AAS403 Monogastric Animal Production 2.5
  3. Any other approved Agriculture course at 2.5

Career and Job Opportunities