Master In Peace And Governance

About the Programme

Progression: Progression will be in accordance with the University general regulations for Masters degrees. To proceed from coursework to dissertation a student must have successfully completed all the required courses and obtained a Grade Point Average of not less than 2.6.

Internship / Attachment: Each student shall undergo internship/attachment for a minimum of one semester in an approved organization. The work done during the internship/attachment will carry nine credit hours. The internship / attachment will take place at the end of the coursework and no student will be allowed to proceed to this stage until he/she has completed all the coursework requirements. At the completion of the internship/attachment each student will be expected to submit a report, which will be 5 000 to 8000 words in length. Assessment of the internship/attachment will be in accordance with the University General Regulations.

Student Evaluation: Students shall be evaluated on the basis of both continuous assessment and final examination. The ratio of continuous assessment to final examination shall be 50:50. Continuous assessment grades will be based on class activities such as essays, seminar presentations and term papers.

Phase 1

6 courses (18 credit hours)

  1. PPC510 Peace and Conflict: theory and Practice (3 credits)
  2. PLA510 Leadership: Theory and Practice (3 credits)
  3. PGS510 Governance in Africa(3 credits)
  4. PLG500 African Social, Economic and Political Environment (3 credits)
  5. PGS516 Development: Theory and Practice (3 credits)
  6. PLG501 Research Methodology (3 credits)

Phase 2

4 courses (12 credit hours)

Students are required to take two courses in their area of specialization, which would be either:

  1. Peace Studies and Conflict Management
  2. Leadership in Africa (PLA)
  3. Governance and Civil Society (PGS)

Any additional two courses will be selected from any of the following:

Peace Studies and Conflict Management:
  1. PPC511 Peacekeeping and Peace-building (3 credits)
  2. PPC512 Applied Conflict Management in Africa (3 credits)
  3. PPC514 Conflict, Peace and Development (3 credits)
Leadership in Africa:
  1. PLA511 Leadership in Pace and Governance (3 credits)
  2. PLA512 Leadership in Private Sector and Social Development (3 credits)
  3. PLA514/PLP515 Citizen Engagement in Leadership Development (3 credits)
Governance in Africa:
  1. PGS511 Civil Society in Africa (3 credits)
  2. PGS512 Human Rights and the Rule of Law (3 credits)
  3. PGS513 Democratization in Africa (3 credits)
  4. PGS514 Media, Democracy and Development (3 credits)
  5. PGS515 Youth in Development (3 credits)

Phase 3

Dissertation (6 credit hours)

Career and Job Opportunities

entrepreneurship ,academic and management positions