Post-Graduate Diploma In Education

Mode of Study : Block (Mutare Town) | Online

About the Programme

Many universities across the world have produced hundreds of degreed individuals many of whom are teaching without a teaching qualification. Some, who had no intention initially to teach, found themselves teaching as temporary teachers because they could not find the intended or preferred job. So these people continue to teach without a teaching qualification suitable for the level of education they are teaching i.e. secondary school level. They also continue to earn less than those that are qualified.

This programme is therefore intended to capture those degreed graduates from the continent who would like to teach at secondary school level in their respective countries in order to give them the required training and for those of them that are already teaching as temporary staff would have the opportunity to become full-time staff.

Year One Semester One

  1. EFN 510 Sociology of Education
  2. EFN 511 Guidance and Counselling
  3. ECI 512 Measurement and Evaluation
  4. ECI 513 General Methods of Instruction
  5. MBA502 Computer Information Technology

Year One Semester Two

  1. EFN 520 School Organisation
  2. ECI 521 Instructional Technology
  3. ECI 522 Research Methods-
  4. EFN 523 Philosophy of Education
  5. EFN 524 Psychology of Education

Year Two Semester One

  1. EFN 530 History of African Education
  2. ECI 531 Curriculum Development-
  3. ECI 532 Project in Education
  4. ECI 534 Content Methods subject

Year Two Semester Two


Career and Job Opportunities