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Research on Malaria

The second Health Sciences research laboratory now houses the malaria molecular surveillance core, which has nested PCR capacity for specialized parasite detection and genotyping, as well as vector sibling species differentiation and blood meal identification assays. The lab also has semi-automated ELISA facilities for vector sporozoite rates and malaria immune responses determinations.



Researcher performing parasite detection and genotyping.


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    Vegetable sows hope in parched Zimbabwe.

    The Chaya Project is an outreach program that was initiated by Africa University's faculty, Mrs. Margaret Tagwira. Mrs. Tagwira ran experiments on the feasibility of planting and harvesting Chaya (tree Spinach) (Cnidoscouschayamansa), a leafy perennial shrub, whose cooked leaves can be used as a vegetable. There are indications of the shrubs longevity as well as its richness in protein, vitamins A, B and C, calcium, and iron. Based on this, Chaya fits squarely as a vegetable of public health importance aimed at addressing the food and nutrition security among others, targeting women and children in rural areas. Read More

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    Beneficiaries of the AU and UNICEF Partnership

    Africa University’s influence is spreading across the continent and around the globe through partnerships with government agencies, non-profits and corporations — nearly 25 years after The United Methodist Church founded the university in Zimbabwe. A newer partnership for Africa University is UNICEF, which is supporting the Masters of Science in Child Rights and Childhood Studies program and providing scholarship funds.Read More

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    Is the water you are using on a daily basis safe or contaminated?

    Africa University’s clinical laboratory carries out several outreach programmes to help the AU community and beyond. One of its programmes is testing water coming from different water sources brought forward by farmers, villagers residing around Old Mutare and even town councils like Rusape Town Council, Chipinge Town Council and Mutare City Council. They test the water for contaminations like salmonela, to ensure that the community is using safe water.Read More


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Africa University prides itself with a broad and sound base of resources and facilities that is available for both teaching and research. The following are are some of the key facilities supporting our research efforts.



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